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Why Outsource to CoreRx?

Whether you need specific delivery expertise, have outstretched your internal capacity, or are staff-limited, CoreRx™ consistently delivers innovative development solutions, on-time, and on-budget. To select the ideal development partner, you not only need scientific depth, but you also need a company that has the ‘intangibles’ that will enable them to engage well with your team. Below you will see what we consider to be essential characteristics for an outsourced partner.

Why You Should Choose CoreRx

Call today or come visit our facilities. We welcome a deep examination of our facilities and processes, as well as extended discussion with our scientific team. We believe such review will demonstrate CoreRx as the superior contract partner.


With over 200 years of combined pharmaceutical development expertise, CoreRx staff provides innovative solutions for today’s drug product development. Having experience in “big” pharma is not enough. Contract laboratory experience is critical, as it ensures that there is a deep understanding of this unique service model. Providing excellent customer service means delivering a quality product, on time, and on budget, project after project. And that is what we, at CoreRx, do best!


Effective, Scientist-to-Scientist communication is the cornerstone to every CoreRx project’s success. CoreRx encourages active client involvement with each project. From quotation development, protocol initiation, analytical development, formulation, and manufacturing, CoreRx builds trust through effective communication. At CoreRx, we believe that working closely with clients is what ensures that quality, product expectations & timelines are met.


It is the nature of pharmaceutical development that program directives, priorities, and deliverables can change rapidly, often with little or no notice. A contract lab needs to be agile enough to move quickly, whether it is at project initiation or project mid-stream. CoreRx scientists, management, and systems ensure flexibility and agility, allowing for direction changes without inflexible systems and bureaucratic hassles. The old adage that ‘bigger is better’ is simply not true in the contract lab business; instead the small and nimble delivers, time after time!


Successful drug development not only involves developing an innovative solution for improved patient care, but also doing it fast. The bottom line, revenues and profitability are tied to getting your product on the market… as quickly as possible. CoreRx understands these concerns, and will work closely with you to ensure that timelines are not only realistic, but can be taken to the bank.

Criteria for Contract Partner Selection


Industry experience, particularly with innovative dosage form development, efficient product manufacturing and on-demand analytical support are extremely important characteristics.


It all boils down to people and trust. The contractor external image (sales, presentation, lab tour, project discussions etc) must match the internal reality.


Communication is a critical component in program success. Consistent communication means that you are involved early when issues arise, ensuring that you are part of the solution.

Quality systems

Documentation, quality, and operational systems are a necessity in a GLP/cGMP environment. However, such systems need to be flexible and easily executable. Quality & timeliness must go hand in hand. One cannot be sacrificed for the other.


Commitment to meeting project timelines is paramount. Contractors should agree and stick to a realistic timeline.


Although important, cost should never be at the top of any criteria list for choosing a contractor. Three tenants when working with any contractor are quality, timeliness, and cost.

Discover The Benefits Of Working With CoreRx

  • Our scientists have expertise in a virtually every dosage form so you can rest assured we can quickly and effectively create solutions to formulation dilemmas.
  • Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience in contract pharmaceutical development giving us a unique insight and deep understanding of the process.
  • CoreRx is founded on effective communication and active client involvement which ensures your timelines and expectations are met again and again.
  • Our facilities and teams are designed to provide you the greatest flexibility while maintaining quality which means even as your project requirements change, our services can keep up with your needs.
  • We’re fast! CoreRx has the experience to identify the most effective process and keep your project on schedule throughout it. Without sacrificing quality, we’ll get your product through manufacturing and on the market quickly.

Call, email, or complete the form to learn more about the benefits of partnering with CoreRx for your pharmaceutical development project.

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