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Thursday, 15 April 2010 00:00

CoreRx Continues Expansion - Seeks Top Pharmaceutical Development Candidates

Pharmaceutical development provider CoreRx announced today it will be hiring top candidates in the areas of preformulation and formulation development. CoreRx will also increase headcount in analytical, manufacturing and client logistics, strengthening their commitment to customer first service excellence.

 “It is easy to stay committed to client timelines and project quality when there is no turnover and controlled organic growth,” Daviau said. “Because we offer benefits and a nurturing environment that rewards commitment to quality and innovation, we find ourselves in a position to bring more outstanding candidates into the fold.”

Unlike other CROs replacing headcount from attrition or layoffs, CoreRx has not lost a single employee in their existence.  The company has not been a part of the large-scale layoffs which have dominated the pharmaceutical industry in recent months, and that put CoreRx in a better position as the recovery takes root.

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