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Microtableting: Going small to create more targeted, effective therapeutics (PDF)

The desire to create more targeted, effective therapeutics with fewer side effects has driven drug formulators to expand into more technically-demanding areas over the past decade. Microtablets are one result of this burst of creativity and engineering expertise. Going small opens up numerous new delivery options, but also creates additional challenges for drug formulators and manufacturers.

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Bioavailablity Enhancement: The Key To Unlocking The Potential Of Drug Development Pipelines (PDF)

After a series of scientific breakthroughs the pharmaceutical industry is edging closer to developing treatments for many devastating diseases. But the new-found optimism is offset by a big, common barrier: bioavailability. With as much as 95% of the drug development pipeline suffering from low solubility or permeability, the conversion of cutting-edge science into life-saving treatments is wholly reliant on the advancement and application of bioavailability-enhancement techniques.

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How Multi-Layer Tablets And Combination Products Are Reshaping Drug Development And Patient Care (PDF)

Solid dosage forms are a well-established, widely-used delivery method, yet they are also an area of innovation that can slash drug development times and costs while improving patient outcomes. The tablet technology that brought Aspirin, Lipitor and innumerable other drugs to billions of patients is evolving into multi-layer and combination products.

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Explore if combination products are the right option for your API with this white paper by CoreRx.

Contract Development: 3 Case Studies On Accessing External Innovation (PDF)

Outsourcing has become a huge business, with Frost & Sullivan estimating the pharma industry spent $13.4 billion on contract manufacturing and development services in 2013. Many outsiders assume price is the primary motivation of all this outsourcing, but in an industry in which the bestselling drugs bring in more than $1 billion a quarter, it makes little sense to risk delays by making decisions based solely on cost. The reality is the best service providers offer more than just financial flexibility.

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Explore if combination products are the right option for your API with this white paper by CoreRx.

Are Combination Products a fit for you? (PDF)

In today's competitive pharmaceutical environment, building & maintaining market share is paramount. With dwindling pipelines, limited resources, & expiring patents, now, more that ever, combination products are being considered in drug development portfolios. However, regulatory hurdles, physician acceptance, and market strategy, are just a few considerations that one should address. This brief overview will cover specifics regarding fixed dosage combinations (FDC’s), and will hopefully give your company a better understanding to the challenges ahead.

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Explore if API in capsule is a time and money saving opportunity for your new product in this CoreRx white paper.

API in capsule vs. the lost art of formulation development (PDF)

Very few businesses have as specialized a set of needs as those in the pharmaceutical sector. The combination of huge product development costs, large amounts of data and intense regulatory control makes it critical for companies to have needed information as soon as possible in order to meet a varied and closely monitored set of business processes.

Time is money – a fact well understood by those in the pharmaceutical industry, where developing a new product can take almost a decade and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Avoidance of costly and time-consuming product development is, therefore, quite desirable for drug companies in the race to bring products to the marketplace before competition. API in capsule might then offer an appealing pathway alternative.

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