CoreRx partners with leon-nanodrugs

CoreRx partners with leon-nanodrugs

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CoreRx partners with leon-nanodrugs to offer nano-based MicroJet Reactor (MJR®) drug formulations

CoreRx and leon-nanodrugs are pleased to announce the cooperation for the establishment of a dedicated laboratory at the CoreRx Myerlake facility that will house leon-nanodrugs’ proprietary nanotechnology platform – MicroJet Reactor (MJR). The lab will focus on technical feasibility work through final formulation for oral, semi-solid, and liquid preparations utilizing the novel MJR nanotechnology.

It is estimated that over 60% of pharmaceutical API’s are poorly soluble in water. leon’s MJR technology offers reformulation options that not only address this issue, but can also lead to a superior profile for the API by increasing bioavailability, reducing inter patient variability, improving onset of action, etc. The one-step, bottom up, continuous process approach of the MJR technology is highly cost effective and easily scalable.

leon-nanodrugs focuses on developing innovative drug formulations enabled by its proprietary nanotechnology platform – MicroJet Reactor (MJR). leon works with its Pharma customers through contract development agreements, as well as co-development partnerships. leon has also initiated work on its own internal development projects, concentrating on nanotechnology-based reformulations that offer enhanced clinical and safety benefits.

Todd Daviau, CEO of CoreRx states: “We are excited to join with leon-nanodrugs as we continue to build upon our service offerings and the capabilities which add value to our client’s portfolios. By integrating our service offerings with the MJR capabilities, we will be able to do more in fewer steps – there are no scale-up issues with the MJR. For our clients, this will mean faster time to market. This service offering supports our mission to provide CoreRx’s clients with unprecedented levels of innovation and industry-leading expertise to best advance their development and commercial pursuits. We believe this integration with leon will allow us to deliver greater speed to commercialization through exceptional science and extensive capabilities.”

Dr. Theron E. Odlaug, CEO of leon-nanodrugs GmbH and the US subsidiary explains: “The vision of leon-nanodrugs is to be recognized as a global leader in nanotechnology formulated pharmaceuticals through contract services and co-development partnerships. Through the unique attributes of our MicroJet Reactor Technology, our goal is to generate added value to both established molecules and novel NCEs. The partnership with CoreRx represents a key step for leon as we can offer our Pharma partners a second state of the art facility for developing enhanced nanotechnology-enabled formulations for new and existing compounds.”

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