Our Expertise

CoreRx provides expert solutions for our partner’s drug programs, from clinic to commercial scale.

CoreRx focuses on delivering partnered solutions that meet your drug program needs. Our pharmaceutical sciences and engineering experts focus on three key areas of service: Speed to Clinic and Speed to Market, Enhanced Formulations, and delivering Customized Solutions.

We provide these solutions, and our expertise, across most oral solid, oral liquid and topical dosage forms.

Speed to Clinic / Speed to Market

Speed to Clinic/Speed to Market

CoreRx has an acute appreciation of the importance of timing and timeliness to the clinical and commercial success of your drug program. Whether it be for investment reasons, competitive reasons, IP, regulatory or legal reasons, or to accelerate improvements to existing therapy and enhanced patient care, we share your sense of urgency.

Never compromising on quality, CoreRx has in place systems, teams and services that assure our partner’s most time-sensitive and urgent drug program needs are met. From rapid supply of clinical trial drug product for First in Man studies and meeting tight deadlines for further clinical study phases, to giving priority to assure validation and manufacturing activities are completed on time to satisfy your commercial goals, CoreRx aims to exceed your expectations.

Enhanced Formulations

CoreRx’s pharmaceutical sciences teams are experts at enhancing and optimizing formulations for our partners, adding life-cycle management options and opportunities, establishing differentiations, exclusivities, and other regulatory, IP, and market advantages for new and existing compounds and drug products. Importantly, the CoreRx team applies their experience and expertise to enable partners to improve therapeutic benefit, patient adherence and patient acceptance, changing and improving lives around the world. CoreRx is focused on creating additional and lasting value for our partners and their patients.

CoreRx applies a variety of technically-advanced and scientifically-innovative particle engineering, formulation and manufacturing techniques and approaches to achieve our partner’s drug program goals, across solid oral, liquid oral, topical, and other dosage forms.

Enhanced Drug Formulations
Customized Pharma Solutions

Customized Solutions

When it comes to unique drug programs, many CDMOs will tell you why they can’t. CoreRx will tell you how, together, we can.

Our team of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical engineering experts, and indeed our entire organization, believes in and practices thinking outside of the box when it comes to providing our partners solutions to their drug program challenges. Your drug program is unique, and so are CoreRx’s solutions.

CoreRx has a history of going beyond the expected when it comes to creating unique solutions for drug product development, handling, storage and manufacturing and packaging challenges. The range of our recent efforts include providing process, product or partner- specific technologies and equipment, modifying or enhancing existing infrastructure to meet unique drug product needs, and acquiring, building and outfitting entire under-roof assets to ensure our partner’s end-to-end goals are met.

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Dosage Form Expertise

CoreRx was established on a foundation of expertise and capabilities in developing oral solid dosage forms. We have continued to develop, refine, expand and enhance that expertise, and have added knowledge, experience, technologies and expertise in oral liquid and in semi-solid/topical dosage forms. We also have extensive experience and capabilities in particle engineering and in coating with functional excipients, non-functional excipients, and secondary APIs, allowing us to apply the right solution to meet our partner’s drug program needs.

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Dosage From Expertise

Providing Expert Solutions

CoreRx provides expert solutions that meet all of your drug development needs.  From pre-formulation, formulation, process and product development, analytical and stability and clinic to commercial manufacturing, we are ready to help you meet your drug product and drug program goals.

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