Manufacturing and Packaging

CoreRx offers diversified technical resources, capacity, flexibility, and experience to manufacture and provide pharmaceutical packaging services with strict quality compliance. Our manufacturing capabilities currently support a variety of dosage forms, with the scale to support Phase I – niche commercial manufacturing.  Our facility design, licenses, and controls allow CoreRx to support manufacturing of DEA scheduled CII – V substances as well as high potency compounds.

Unlike some pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging providers, CoreRx is able to provide the full range of services for all types of medications. This includes providing specialized coatings for all appropriate medication forms.

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Immediate to Modified Release
Orally Disintegrating (ODT)
Multi-Layer Tablets
Multi-API Combination Products via multiple approaches)

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Neat API in capsule
Immediate to Modified Release
Powder Blends
Multi-particulates (beads & granules)
Tablet in capsule
Over-encapsulation (for comparator blinding)
Multi-API Combination Products via multiple approaches

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Experience with coating of functional excipients, non-functional excipients, and secondary APIs
Experience in coating granules, beads, tablets, hard shell capsules and soft gel capsules

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Liquid Oral Dosage Forms


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Topical Dosage Forms


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Other Dosage Forms



Packaging Capabilities

Having pharmaceutical contract packaging operations integrated with manufacturing services provides streamlined value for clients. CoreRx offers comprehensive primary and secondary packaging, labeling and distribution options linked with our manufacturing services to meet the needs of our customers.

CoreRx offers a full range of packaging options. We are able to provide thermoform and coldform blister packs as well as sachets and bottles for solid medications from tablets to capsules. With our bottle line, we can provide manual packaging or fully automated, allowing for full accommodation with all types of medications.

Our liquid medication packaging lines are also manual or automated for bottling. For liquids, we also have the ability to produce single dosage oral syringe applications which are essential for many pharmaceutical contract packaging needs.

Other forms of pharmaceutical packaging services offered at CoreRx include packaging for semi-solids. We have extensive experience in working with semi-solid topical medications and can customize package in tubes or jars to required specifications.

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Bottles (manual and automated lines)
Blisters (thermoform & coldform)

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Bottles (manual and automated lines)
Oral syringe applicators

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