Manufacturing and Packaging

Customized Solutions that Meet Your Needs,
from Clinic to Market

CoreRx’s team of pharmaceutical engineers and operators provide our partners with customized, efficient solutions that meet their pre-clinical, clinical and market and commercialization needs, consistently exceeding their expectations.

CoreRx has the expertise to manufacture and package all dosage forms we develop

With over 155,000 sf of development, manufacturing, packaging and administrative space across sites in Clearwater, Florida, CoreRx is focused on maintaining highest standards and executing with operational excellence when it comes to manufacturing and packaging for a partner’s drug program or commercial activity. We have (or custom develop) the capacity and capabilities to meet nearly any drug program challenge.

CoreRx has the expertise to manufacture and package all dosage forms we develop, from solid orals (including multi-layer, combination, ODT or microtab products), liquid orals (including standard and specialized modified release solutions, suspensions, emulsions, solutions and syrup), and semi-solid and specialty dosage forms (including creams, gels, ointments, lotions, suppositories, powders, and ophthalmics).

CoreRx has QP-Qualified manufacturing suites, is FDA, DEA and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (Clearwater) registered, and is DEA approved for Class I-V materials and products. CoreRx can handle highly potent materials and is Safebridge 3 qualified.

We can package your drug product in bulk, in standard bottles, or in specialized packaging including sachets, unit-of-use and unit dose, and even specialized liquid filling in syringe. 

CoreRx has developed, planned, installed and qualified specialized systems, suites, equipment and even entire dedicated facilities to meet our partner’s unique needs. We work hard to develop customized solutions that meet your drug program goals, from clinic to market.

How can we customize a manufacturing, filling or packaging solution for you and your drug program?  To find out, or to schedule a virtual or in-person site visit, click here:

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Pharma Manufacturing and Packaging

End-To-End Solutions

CoreRx provides End-To-End solutions—no need to risk your drug program by moving between disconnected providers.  From pre-formulation to commercial GMP manufacturing and packaging, CoreRx is a complete solutions provider.

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