Specialized Handling and Storage

CoreRx specializes in developing and providing customized and specialized solutions to our clients and partners, overcoming the challenges that enable them to meet their drug program goals.

CoreRx has certain specialized capabilities around containment, handling and control of certain potent, potentially hazardous, potentially allergenic, or otherwise sensitive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, intermediates and finished drug products that other CDMOs just don’t have.


We have invested in certain engineering, infrastructure, operational systems, quality systems, knowledge development and training that allows CoreRx to provide our formulation development, drug product processing, and manufacturing services to partner’s drug programs that require special handling, containment, control or storage.

CoreRx’s disclosed technology or authority related to specialized handling includes the use of the Quantos Powder Dosing System and our licensing to possess and handle DEA Class I-V controlled drug products. CoreRx has additional capabilities related to certain customized solutions provided for specific partners that can be considered proprietary.

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Specialised Formulation Storage
Specialised Formulation Handling

Meeting Your Program Needs

Working with CoreRx will change how you think about a CDMO!  We work with you to meet your short-term clinical needs while developing long term, next-phase and commercial solutions.  Get more from a partner with CoreRx:

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