Formulation Optimization

CoreRx has great depth and breadth of scientific experience and success in developing unique and innovative formulations that help our clients achieve their drug program goals

Whether as part of life-cycle management, as a differentiating dosing approach, enabling targeted drug release in support of improving therapeutic benefit, to meet particular intellectual property requirements, or modifying a new or existing drug to improve palatability, ease of administration or other patient benefit, CoreRx applies forward-thinking approaches to meeting our partners’ drug development needs.

Bioenhancement and Improved Solubility

CoreRx applies various techniques and technologies to enhance drug product solubility and improve bioavailability, and applies our knowledge and experience ensure the formulation meets the targeted bioavailability goals. Our approach, methods and processes help us determine the particle engineering and formulation approach best suited to the compound and to our partner’s goals. We start with API characterization.

Characterization: CoreRx develops data on thermal properties, particle size distribution, morphology, and other factors that can yield insights into which method may best deliver the intended bioavailability approach and desired results.

Determining approach: broadly, there are three different types of bioavailability enhancement approaches: physical, chemical, and complexation. Physical modification may include micronization, solid state dispersion, and creation of nanoparticles. Chemical approaches may include a change in pH, use of a buffer, or different salt form of the molecule. Complexation entails combining the molecule with other agents such as cyclodextrins or hydrophobic materials which can often have a dramatic effect on solubility and bioenhancement.

Bioenhancement and Improved Solubility

Modified Release Experts

CoreRx is dedicated to our partner’s success at every stage of their drug product program. Our partner’s goals often include CoreRx providing dosage solutions which involve modified- or targeted- release technologies. We have the capabilities, expertise and experience to formulate and manufacture modified-release dosage forms to support any stage in the journey from pre-clinical to commercialization.

The CoreRx team can provide modified-release formulations and finished dosage forms, elegantly and precisely designed to meet your release targets and expectations. Our modified release dosage form expertise include:

Targeted release, extended-release and otherwise modified-release tablets, powders and capsules

Modified-release suspensions and solutions, including nano-emulsions and none-suspensions

Modified-Release topical dosage forms

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Specialized Dosage Forms

CoreRx can provide our partners with virtually any solid oral, liquid and topical dosage form, formulated to suit your specific needs, manufactured and packaged from clinical-scale to commercial scale, and supported by our robust Quality Systems, Scientific, and Project Management teams. In addition to our most commonly provided immediate and modified release solid oral, liquid and topical formulations and finished-dosage products, CoreRx can also formulate, manufacture and supply the following:

  • Orally Disintegrating (ODT)
  • Multi-Layer Tablets
  • Micro-Tablets
  • Multi-API Combination Products
  • Powder Blends
  • Multi-particulates (beads & granules)
  • Tablet in capsule
  • Over-encapsulation (for comparator blinding)
  • Multi-API Combination Products

Packaged and dispensed in oral syringes

Including suppositories and powders

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Types of dosage forms
Specialized Dosage Forms

Your Program, Our Priority

CoreRx enables our partners to meet their drug program goals, changing and saving lives around the world.  We are highly partner-focused, and work with you, hand-in-hand, to help you deliver advanced, improved therapies to those in need.

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