Specialized Capabilities

Ensuring our Partners reach their Drug Program Goals

CoreRx employs only highly-talented pharmaceutical scientists, engineers and support personnel to ensure we meet our partners’ expectations, and that our partners meet their drug program goals.

In addition to some of the best formulation and manufacturing professionals in the industry, CoreRx is continuously upgrading and refining the technology and capabilities we provide our partners. CoreRx strives to provide customized, specialized solutions to fit our partners’ drug program needs.

Customized Solutions

When it comes to providing our partners solutions to their drug, many CDMOs will tell you why they can’t. CoreRx will tell you how, together, we can.

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Formulation Optimization

CoreRx has great depth and breadth of scientific experience and success in developing unique and innovative formulations.

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Pediatric Expertise

We understand the important variables when formulating pediatric dosage forms such as flexibility, palatability, and ease of administration.

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Topical Expertise

Looking for a partner for your drug development program? CoreRx have a wealth of experience and expertise with topical/semi-solid dosage forms.

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Specialized Handling and Storage

CoreRx specializes in developing and providing customized and specialized solutions to our clients and partners, meeting their challenges.

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Speed-To-Clinic, Speed-To-Market

Speed-to-Clinic and Speed-to-Market, a hallmark of CoreRx’s commitment to get our partners drug products to patients.  We understand our partners’ sense of urgency, and act with focus and expediency in all we do.  CoreRx can accelerate your drug program.

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