Topical Expertise

Experience and Expertise

When your drug development program calls for a partner with experience and expertise with topical/semi-solid dosage forms, your first call should be to CoreRx.

Topical Expertise Experience

Our Experience

CoreRx and our experts have many years of collective experience working with all semi-solid dosage forms, including creams, ointments, gels and lotions.

Our deep experience in topical drug development allows us to quickly screen and characterize the active ingredient, engineer and process to achieve appropriate permeability, identify compatible and suitable carriers and excipients, perform advanced membrane-permeation testing and analysis, formulate to achieve your release targets, all while keeping your desired outcomes regarding organoleptic properties and patient-sensory experience (smell, color, texture, ‘skin-feel’, etc.) in mind. 

Knowing that topical drug delivery dosage forms are nearly exclusively self-administered, we know that patient sensory experience is critically important to therapy acceptance and compliance.

Applied Expertise

As in all other aspects of CoreRx’s applied development expertise, CoreRx’s expertise in topical dosage forms and drug delivery begins with a foundation of study and education, is improved and further developed though hands-on experimentation and adaptive experience, and continues via two-way exchanges of knowledge and innovation with colleagues and with the greater life sciences community. Topical drug development has sometimes been called an art and a science. CoreRx is well-experienced and well-grounded in both.

Give top consideration to CoreRx when developing your topical drug development program.  We have the experience and expertise not only in formulation, but in testing, manufacturing and packaging this challenging dosage form as well. 

To learn more about CoreRx’s experience and expertise around a wide array of dosage forms, and to learn more about how we provide innovative solutions to meet unique drug program needs, see:

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Applied Expertise

End-To-End Solutions

CoreRx provides End-To-End solutions—no need to risk your drug program by moving between disconnected providers.  From pre-formulation to commercial GMP manufacturing and packaging, CoreRx is a complete solutions provider.

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